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Working in Dhaka

Find out how to get a job and work in Dhaka

Dhaka is a financial and commercial hub for Bangladesh and for the whole subcontinents, and where the main companies have their bases, both national and global ones. Therefore, expats can make the most out of a lively job market, find out more in our guide!

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Employment in Dhaka

Local Economy 

Dhaka is not only the financial and commercial heart of Bangladesh but also of South Asia as a whole. Dhaka’s state income is growing faster than any other in Asia — at around 9.3% per year. However, the city has the highest unemployment rate in the country, currently at around 19%. 

Many of Asia’s biggest industries, companies and corporations are based in Dhaka. Large companies that are very well known include Square Group, Jamuna Group, Beximco and Bashundhara Group. Dhaka also boasts many of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, including Beximco Pharma and Advanced Chemical Industries. 

Bashundhara Group is one of the biggest conglomerates in the country and owns the 12th largest shopping center in the world. Called Bashundhara City, the mall is also the second largest in South Asia and welcomes around 50,000 people every day. 

Job Hunting in Dhaka

Teaching English as a foreign language is a big industry in Dhaka, with many international schools offering employment and an expat lifestyle that is suitable for families and children, in many cases. As the urbanization of the city increases, there is a lot of construction and skilled labor employment available at large companies. There are also many opportunities at the previously mentioned pharmaceutical companies in the city. 

In order to live and work in Dhaka, expats will need a job offer and a letter of appointment upfront in order to secure the correct visa, so it’s recommended to search online for suitable positions in the field of employment and visit job fairs if possible. 

Work Permits for Dhaka

Expats will need a valid visa to go to Bangladesh, whether visiting before moving there or relocating to Dhaka. The Bangladesh High Commission decides whether a visa should be issued, and on the length and type of visa when they receive applications. It depends on the kind of visit planned by the expat as to what kind of visa they will need. 

To apply for a work visa, expats will need a letter to prove employment from the Bangladeshi employer, as well as a letter of concurrence from the specific ministry and authorities. For a non-governmental (NGO) work visa, the expat will need a copy of the appointment letter, as well as proof of agreement by the Bangladesh NGO Affairs Bureau in Dhaka. They will also accept a letter of appointment and a certificate of no objection from the NGO Bureau of Bangladesh.

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Updated on: September 23, 2021
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