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Moving to Florence

What to know if you're moving to Florence

Expats moving to Florence can look forward to life in a lovely city full of cultural offers and historical buildings. The weather, too, is pleasant with a mix of subtropical and Mediterranean climate with little rain. So get ready for your stay in Florence with our guide.

Relocating to Florence

About the City

Located in the center of Italy on the Fiume Arno, Florence is the main city in the romantic region of Tuscany. The city is not only a cultural center in Italy, but also throughout Europe, and has historically been one of the richest cities on the continent. Particularly famous for the Renaissance architecture throughout the city and the various museums and galleries dotted around Florence, this city draws in millions of tourists every year.

While Florence is known for its historical significance, the city is also becoming a center of fashion throughout the world, and also is a major player in the economy of Italy. Florence is not that big a city, with only fewer than 400,000 inhabitants, but every time you step out into the town you discover something you had not noticed before. Around 85% of the population are Italians, with Romanian, Albanian and Chinese citizens making up the rest of the population.

The Climate in Florence

The climate in Florence is humid subtropical and also Mediterranean. The summers, running from May through to September, get very hot, with highs of over 30°C. There is a small amount of rainfall throughout the summer, falling in brief heavy showers, but this is not too regular during those warm months.

A light breeze drifts in over the Arno River to cool the summer months, but this tends towards an icier wind when it comes to the chillier winter temperatures. The evenings can become quite cool in earl or late summer. The winter runs from November through to February, and the temperatures tend to hover between five and ten degrees Celsius. The nights in particular can become very cold, and the rainfall is much higher in the winter months.

Finding Accommodation

Accommodation anywhere in Italy is not cheap, and in a city as popular as Florence, the prices can get very high. Accommodation right in the city center will be very expensive, and even the outskirts of the city are very pricey. Sharing an apartment is an option that will make your accommodation much more financially manageable.

As is often the case when companies employ foreigners, they will usually help you to find somewhere. And if you are able to, a short fact-finding trip prior to your relocation to take a look at the options available to you can also be a big advantage, as you will be able to see exactly what is in your price range.

Rent in Florence will usually include facilities, and ultimately the best way to find a place is to look at bulletin boards or enquire through universities, even if you are not going to be working for a university, as student accommodation can be well suited to expatriates’ requirements. Even if you are moving with your family, this style of accommodation is often much more cost effective.

Updated on: January 20, 2022

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