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  • Brandon Le Clerk

    What I really love about InterNations? Making new business contacts and friends in real life. This is a unique plattform.

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Buongiorno! And a very warm welcome to the InterNations Padua expat community. Whether you've just arrived or you're just exploring the prospect of a life in the city, our friendly members are here to help. From helping you find accommodation within your price range to pointing you in the direction of English-speaking services, they have the knowledge needed to make your life easier. Our community only grows stronger when you make contributions, so feel free to answer some questions yourself once you've been in Padua a little while.

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More Information on Expat Life in Padua

With cobbled streets and a climate that is favorable throughout the year, Padua is an ideal expat destination. In addition to being home to Italy's second-oldest university, Padua is under an hour from Venice, making it perfect for those who love history. While the monthly rental prices are average for Western Europe, the public education system is excellent for those who are happy for their children to immerse themselves in an Italian-speaking environment. Local English-speaking and bilingual schools include the English International School of Padua, which offers fantastic educational opportunities. For those who don't enjoy cooking on a nightly basis, local restaurants serve meals at reasonable prices. These include La Folpeira, which serves fresh local food.

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InterNations is a unique community for expatriates in Padua and elsewhere around the world. Our committed members are here to answer your most important questions, allowing you to make your transition into Italian life easier. Whether you need to know more about getting your child into an appropriate school or finding a job, our members will help. While the nearby area is excellent for those teaching the English language, you may need the skills and know-how of the InterNations Community to find work in another field. Once you've got the lay of the land, why not come along to an InterNations Event? They're excellent for meeting other members. You can also join one or more of our InterNations Groups: whether you love to sip wine or enjoy long walks in the park, our community is here to make your new life in Padua extra enjoyable.

  • Brandon Le Clerk

    What I really love about InterNations? Making new business contacts and friends in real life. This is a unique plattform.

  • Li Wang

    At my first InterNations Rome Get-Together I met more expats then expected. InterNations made is so easy to settle in.

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