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Working in Khartoum

Find out how to get a job and work in Khartoum

Khartoum is the economic center of Sudan and the majority of the country's employment opportunities for expats exist here: expats can choose among a wide range of industries, even the most modern ones, and find a suitable position. Read on for an economic overview and info on permits & taxation.

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Employment in Khartoum

Local Economy

Major areas of industry in Khartoum are printing, glass manufacturing, food processing, and textiles. Petroleum products are now produced in the far north of Khartoum state, providing jobs in the city. One of Sudan’s largest refineries is located in northern Khartoum, together with dockyards, marine and rail workshops and chemical plants.

As Sudan has become more peaceful during the last few years, the government has invested heavily in engineering, infrastructure and development, from 5-star hotels — most notably the Corinthia – to skyscrapers and shopping malls.

There is growing interest in information technology in Khartoum, with many computer colleges and computer training centers in addition to companies working in the field for marketing and research. The government of Sudan pledges 1 billion USD a year to increase the tourist industry.

For foreigners looking to work in Khartoum, there are employment opportunities with various departments of the United Nations working or based in and around Khartoum, together with other aid agencies, charities and NGOs. Sudan has English as an official second language but the standard of English is low, meaning that native speakers are required as teachers. Experienced teachers may find work at Khartoum’s international schools and universities. KICS provides teachers with furnished accommodation that includes electrical appliances and air conditioning.

Work Permits for Khartoum

All non-Sudanese citizens require a permit to work in Sudan. This should normally be arranged by the employer or sponsor in Sudan at the Ministry of the Interior. After arrival the company or sponsor should apply for residency and a multiple-entry permit at the Ministry of the Interior.

Income Taxation in Khartoum

Sudan’s tax laws can be complex, but many employers will take care of income tax within the salary, together with other issues such as health insurance. This does not apply to contractor workers who may have to take care of their own tax affairs.

Expats should be aware that they may be subject to double taxation depending on their nationality. This means they could pay Sudanese tax as well as tax in their own country.

The personal income tax rate in Sudan averaged at around 16% over the last ten years and currently stands at 15%. The World Bank predicts that annual GDP will continue to grow in Sudan as it has since 2012. In 2013, it stood at 1,753.38 USD GDP per capita for Sudan as a whole.

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Updated on: December 06, 2018
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