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Working in Libreville

Find out how to get a job and work in Libreville

Job hunting and working in Libreville is pretty straightforward: the city has some major industries, and some interesting opportunities, especially for French speaking expats. Just make sure to have all the required documentation and read up on the economy, taxes and work permits.

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Employment in Libreville

Local Economy

Libreville has a number of important industries and areas of expertise. Libreville is known for being a major port, with exports including raw materials such as wood, rubber and cocoa from the main port of the city. These exports are the lifeblood of the city, and make up a majority of the income to Libreville. Gabon is made up of almost 80% rainforest, meaning that it has plenty of access to the materials that it exports. The city is also home to an important shipbuilding industry, brewing industry and sawmills. Shipbuilding is a natural industry within Libreville in particular, as it is located on Gabon’s north-west coast.

Libreville is also home to Gabon Airlines, and the international airport is situated within the city, making this the natural location for the airline. Before they were dissolved, Gabon Express and Air Gabon were both situated within the airport.

There isn’t really a thriving tourist industry in Libreville, mostly because the city has only about 2 million inhabitants, meaning that there simply isn’t the workforce needed to develop a tourist trade and improve the service industry. However, the city more than makes up for this with its other industries.

Income Taxation in Libreville

You have to pay tax on all of your earnings whilst working as an employee in Libreville. Many employees will handle your tax through the PAYE system, meaning that this will be handled on your behalf, although you should find out what you need to be doing about paying tax in your own country at the same time. Income tax in Gabon can be anything from 5% to 55%, depending on how much you are earning and the type of job you are doing, so it is best to speak to your employer or an accountant in the country before you proceed.

Work Permits for Libreville

It is possible to secure a work permit for Libreville on the condition that you have fulfilled all of the requirements before entering the country. Visitors must have valid passports with at least six months validity and a sponsored work permit from a company based within Libreville or Gabon. This company must prove that the work that you are doing is vital to the running of their company, and should also provide proof that the work that you do could not be done by someone who already lives in Libreville.

If you change jobs whilst you are a resident in Libreville, then you must get your new company to sponsor a new work permit if you wish to stay.

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Updated on: August 07, 2015
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