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Living in Limassol

A comprehensive guide about living well in Limassol

Living in Limassol offers much more than natural beauty and a rich cultural heritage: the city provides its residents with excellent services, a wide range of educational institutions and a good infrastructure. Read on for more info on healthcare, education and transportation in Limassol.

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Life in Limassol

Healthcare in Limassol

Rest assured, excellent healthcare isn’t too far away when living in Limassol. If you have only been residing in Limassol for three months or less and require medical treatment, then it is necessary to have a health insurance card, for instance a European Health Insurance card (EHIC) for EU citizens. 

Upon obtaining permanent residency in Limassol, EU citizens are typically eligible for a ‘Medical Card’, and discounted rates in healthcare, but only if their yearly income does not exceed 15,400 EUR.

Despite not typically being eligible for a Cypriot Medical Card, non-EU citizens can use healthcare facilities. However, the discounted or free rates, which often come alongside having a state medical card, would not generally be available. Please note that accident and emergency hospital departments are open to all and are free of charge. 

If you earn more than 15,400 EUR annually, you should look into buying international health insurance with coverage in Cyprus or consult one of the local insurance companies on the island. Alternatively, you can discuss your inclusion in a company healthcare scheme with your future employer.

Education in Limassol

Expatriates living in Limassol will be reassured by the fact that there is a wide variety of schools, colleges and universities in the city. For a user-friendly guide to what is available you can visit Cyprus.com to find details for all of Limassol’s education options. For students seeking specialist education, in particular higher education, it is beneficial to take a look at Unilink — this covers everything from university applications right through to accommodation. 

Transportation in Limassol 

As you are probably aware, there are two main airports which serve the island of Cyprus. Depending on where you live in Limassol, you will find an airport is never too far away. Larnaca International Airport is situated 50 km northeast from Limassol, whilst Paphos International Airport is 50 km in the other direction (northwest).

The local bus (and affordable taxi) network dominates transportation in Limassol — comprising rural, intercity and night services. A firm named ‘EMEL’ operates public bus routes. Buses are also widely available to and from Larnaca Airport via the, ‘Limassol Airport Express’. If you are traveling from or to Paphos Airport you should try the Paphos Airport Shuttle service. 

Despite not being particularly cheap to purchase, second hand cars do hold their value in Limassol — therefore it is worth considering investing in a vehicle. This is especially important if you are living in more rural areas as public transportation is not always as regular in quieter villages.

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Updated on: July 01, 2015
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