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Working in Limassol

Find out how to get a job and work in Limassol

The job market in Limassol offers a wide range of industries with many opportunities for expats, either seasonal or long-term: some sectors may be thriving lately and thus more appealing than others, but in general all workers could find something that matches their abilities and education.

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Employment in Limassol

The Local Economy 

If you are an expatriate looking to start working in Limassol, you will soon find that their trade and industry sector is thriving. What is more, it is extremely varied too — ranging from furniture, food and drinks to metalwork, electrical products and plastic goods. As a UK sovereign base and thanks to overseas investment, constant development has led to a welcome boost in the city’s construction sector, in particular road works. 

Of course, we must not forget that those planning to begin working in Limassol may find opportunities within the area’s shipping sector. There are two main ports within Limassol, namely the Old Port and the New Port. These open up two work possibilities i.e. travel and tourism as well as the export and import of goods. Expats and those with work experience in the seafaring industry will be glad to learn that Limassol has around 60 ship management companies within the city. 

Job Hunting in Limassol

Job hunting in Limassol is pretty straightforward. Apart from the obvious seasonal work in tourist areas, olive groves and wineries, there are a variety of long-term industries to choose from too. To make your working life in Limassol a little easier we have listed just a handful of the many online job sites ideal for starting your career search. 

You might like to try Staff MattersLearn 4 Good or the Limassol Job Centre, which acts as a central hub for career opportunities and related information. Another good option for your job hunt is to contact other expats already working in Limassol on online forums and through networking sites.

Work Permits in Limassol

If you are an EU citizen intending on working in Limassol, it is not immediately essential that you have a work permit. Despite being able to work without a permit, you do need specific documentation known as a, ‘Certificate of Registration of Union Citizen and EU Citizen’ — also often referred to as a ‘Yellow Slip’. Such certification will enable you to register with the Civil Registry and Migration Department.

Non-EU citizens will require a work permit and visa in order to highlight your eligibility to work. Please be aware that this process can take some time and having a specialist company assist with your application is advisable. 

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Updated on: July 01, 2015
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