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Working in London, Ontario

Find out how to get a job and work in London, Ontario

Prospects of an expat job have led many to London, Ontario. Especially if you are working in the healthcare or education sectors, or in tourism, moving to London for work might be the right choice for you! Learn more about the economy, the job search, and work permits in this article.

Employment in London, Ontario

The Local Economy

Healthcare and education are big players in London, with the city’s hospitals and university regularly ranking among its top ten employers. Tourism also has an impact on the local economy, with the music and arts festivals hosted in the city drawing international crowds.

The Job Search in London, Ontario

According to the visa system in Canada, you are unlikely to be granted documentation for permanent residence unless you have a job before you move to London.. If your current company operates out of Canada, a direct transfer would exempt you from LMIA (Labor Market Impact Assessment — more on that below) and would make your move considerably easier.

If you are starting fresh on your job search, online job boards are a great place to begin. Applying to larger companies, or those you know already employ foreign nationals, is of particular importance. Canadian employers who hire expats are required to pay fees and undergo regular inspections, so you are more likely to be successful in your job search if the company already has the documentation and procedures in place to employ foreigners.

If you are a teacher, then the Commonwealth Teacher Exchange Program is one of the best ways to find a job in Canada. It provides opportunities for post exchanges with Australia and the UK, for instance. Citizens of all nationalities should note that the teaching market in Canada is notoriously overpopulated, and there is by no means any guarantee of finding a position quickly whatever route you take.

Work Permits for Canada

The work permit scheme in Canada is complicated and approval depends on factors such as age, length of stay, and profession. For detailed information pertaining to your situation please refer to the website of the Government of Canada.

Employers hiring foreigners are, by and large, required to obtain Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) documentation. Certain types of workers are exempt from LMIA but do require work permits for working in London. These include employees covered by international agreements, academics, spouses, and workers transferred within a company.

Changes to the International Mobility Program came into force in February 2015, designed to increase accountability among employers hiring foreign nationals exempt from LMIA. Foreign workers are prohibited from entering into an employment agreement with an ineligible employer.  Registered employers are subject to fees and regular inspections of their businesses.

Applications for work permits are made from outside of Canada, with requirements and the length of time necessary to obtain them dictated by your profession and skill set. Applications can be made online or submitted to the local visa application center. Those exempt from LMIA may be approved for an open work permit, which means they are permitted to seek employment with any company not listed as ineligible.

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Updated on: December 04, 2018
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