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Working in Micronesia

Find out how to get a job and work in Micronesia

Micronesia has a diverse economy, ranging from agriculture to service industries, and therefore its job market is versatile and can offer many opportunities. If you are an expat hoping to start working in Micronesia, check out some expat advice in this guide!

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Employment in Micronesia

The steadily growing tourism industry is creating new job opportunities in Micronesia. Plenty of vacancies come available within service industry every year, however due to high unemployment on the island the competition for jobs is fierce.

Qualified English teachers and tutors are also needed in the islands, as well as volunteers for NGOs. Some specialist roles in governmental projects can also be filled by skilled expatriates. Micronesia offers low tax rates and pleasant weather for those willing to relocate.

Local Economy

The major industries of Micronesia are farming and fishing. The local people have made good use of the abundance of pacific tuna fish for centuries, and today this is the country’s most profitable export.

Holidays to Micronesia have become increasingly popular in the past 10 years, as travelers have discovered this unspoiled exotic paradise and tourism now plays an integral role in the economy. The national GDP was 331 million USD in 2014.

It can be difficult for anyone coming from overseas to find gainful employment in Micronesia. However, there are always volunteering NGO positions available throughout the islands.

Xavier High School in Chuuk is staffed almost entirely by foreign volunteers and there is always the need for more people in the team. Always keep an eye out for vacancies on sites such as Office of the President and Craigslist, as English teaching and specialist roles will occasionally become available.

Work Permits for Micronesia

If you’ve decided to settle down in one of the Micronesia’s idyllic isles for work or a business related enterprise then you will need to have a working permit before you travel. Work permits and permanent residency visas can be obtained by writing to the Federated States of Micronesia Department of Resources and Development.

The department will let you know what further evidence you need to provide; this may include an official business invitation from the company you’ve been sent to work with or a birth certificate. Make sure you apply for your work permit well in advance of your moving date to avoid any unnecessary hassle.

Social Security in Micronesia 

There is a helpful social security system in the country which benefits vulnerable citizens. The old age pension applies to Micronesians aged 65 and over who have contributed a minimum of 2500 USD in tax over their lifetime.

The disability benefit is awarded to anyone who has become incapacitated through illness or an injury which is likely to last for a year or result in death. There are also child benefits for families with children earning below a means tested amount and dependent children whose parent or guardian has passed away.

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Updated on: August 03, 2015
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