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Moving to Monte Carlo

What to know if you're moving to Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo is a ward in the small Mediterranean city of Monnaco that not only guarantees a sunny and mild climate, but also a glamorous and luxurious atmosphere, also thanks to the Casino and the Formula One circuit. Find out more about moving to Monte Carlo in our guide!

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Relocating to Monte Carlo

About Monte Carlo

A ward within Monaco, a principality bordering France and Italy, Monte Carlo is infamous for its glamour and celebrity status, centered upon the Monte Carlo Casino, film festivals and Formula One racing. 

Monte Carlo refers to one of the quarters which make up Monaco. The Monte Carlo quarter includes Monaco’s only public beach, at Larvotto, which also borders upon the French town of Beausoleil and the western border of Italy. It is situated at the base of the Maritime Alps upon the area known as the French Riviera, lending it its name Monte Carlo, literally meaning “Mount Charles”.

The population is approximately 3,500, with the larger quarter’s population reaching approximately 15,000 residents. The area sees large tourist influxes throughout the seasons and in accordance with its glamorous events.

For more information on moving to Monte Carlo and the Principality of Monaco you can visit the Consulat Général de Monaco website or check out our article on Moving to Monaco.

The Climate in Monte Carlo

Complementing the luxury which affords Monte Carlo its global reputation, the area also benefits from plentiful sunshine and a mild climate throughout the year. Typically temperatures can range from 5°C to 26°C; the area benefits from a Mediterranean climate, making it an enjoyable location throughout the seasons.

July is the warmest month with average temperatures of 24°C and the most hours of sunshine per day. The coldest month is January with average temperatures of 10°C.

With mild winters and comfortable, sunny summers, Monte Carlo’s average annual sunshine hours amass to 2,583, or 7 hours per day. Rainfall is minimal with no more than 62 days of average rainfall per year. The wettest month tends to be November where an average of 123mm of rain is seen. 

Visas for Monaco

Entry into Monte Carlo is the same as for French Territories, which means that for members of EU countries, entry into Monte Carlo is allowed using travel documentation, such as passports or ID cards, issued by the country of citizenship.

Following three months consecutive stay, EU member state citizens, except the French, must declare themselves as a ‘resident’. Work and residence permits are not required for nationals of these member states.

Non-EU citizens must apply for a visa to remain in the country; however there are several variations of visa dependent on the purpose and duration of stay. Non-EU citizens who plan to take up residency in France must apply for a long-stay visa prior to moving to Monte Carlo and applying for their first temporary or residence visa.

For full details of the application process and entry requirements it is advisable to seek counsel from the French General Consulate in your home country.

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Updated on: October 21, 2021

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