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Working in Padua

Find out how to get a job and work in Padua

If you’re an expat planning on working in Padua, tourism is one of the main industries, as well as manufacturing and teaching English in any of the educational institutions. Get to know some valuable info on the local economy, job hunting and work permits for Padua with our guide.

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Employment in Padua

The Local Economy

Padua represents one of Europe’s largest industrial areas, which is found in the east of the city and was established in 1946. Spanning 11,000,000m², this area receives goods from all over Europe, which are then dispersed throughout the world. Not surprisingly, this area drives the economy, with 1,300 industries basing their headquarters in Padua.

Tourism also plays a significant role when it comes to the local economy, with around 20 million tourists flocking there every year, not to mention the 24 million from within Italy itself. In terms of manufacturing, Padua churns out a great many products, including chemicals, textiles, motorcycles, and agricultural equipment. 

Job Hunting in Padua

There are plenty of jobs in Padua, with unemployment in the Veneto Region standing at only 7.6%. Around 73.7% of those in employment work in the service sector, while agriculture (2.1%), industry (19.6%) and the building sector (7.4%) also provide many of the city’s jobs.

While the best option is to have a prearranged job before arriving in the city, it is also possible to find a job after arrival, particularly if you are a member of an EEA or EFTA member country. Websites are a great resource when it comes to job hunting, and sites like glassdoor can provide a glimpse of what is available in Padua.

Jobs within the tourism industry are in abundance, while the city’s status as a large student town means that jobs at the University of Padua or other institutions are a good option. As with many countries, there is also the opportunity to teach English in Padua. 

Work Permits for Padua

EEA and EFTA member countries can live and work in Padua without the need for a work permit, while workers from countries which do not fall into this category must have a prearranged job, and must apply for an Italian working residence permit.

For this to be successful, the person’s future Italian employer is first required to apply for clearance, which is done at the immigration center.

Useful tool to see whether you need a visa to enter Italy can be found at Ministero degli Affari Esteri e della Cooperazione Internazionale.

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Updated on: August 03, 2015
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