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Working in San Salvador

Find out how to get a job and work in San Salvador

Industrial manufacturing is one of the key sectors in San Salvador, but the city's banking and business industries are also in good health. Expats planning on working in San Salvador could find employment opportunities across finance, education and service sectors.

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Employment in San Salvador

San Salvador dominates the El Salvador economy, with business headquartering and industrial manufacturing are two of the most important industries in the city, along with services, banking, and private education.

The US dollar has been used in El Salvador since 2001, which has boosted foreign investment and economic growth around the country. Expats wanting to work in San Salvador may find also be able to find opportunities in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, as well as food and beverage production and the construction materials sector.

Local Economy

The service and retail sector is very important in San Salvador in the 21st century, just as it is in any other global capital city. San Salvador is also the beating financial heart of El Salvador and the city’s position as an important regional hub means there are opportunities for foreigners.

Many of the top offices in the city center are found in the World Trade Center San Salvador, which has had a 100 percent occupancy rate since it was built. 

Alameda Manuel Enrique Araujo is where many banks and businesses can be found and this is a prime job-hunting spot for expats planning to work in San Salvador.

Job Hunting in San Salvador

Searching online is one of the best ways for foreigners to find work in San Salvador, with sites such as latintopjobs.com a good starting point for any English language job hunts. Obviously, expatriates with Spanish language skills will have even more job resources available, including CompuTrabajo, OpcionEmpleo, and Tecoloco. There are also many opportunities available for people who want to teach English as a foreign language. 

Work Permits for San Salvador

Documents required to work in San Salvador include a valid passport with at least six months validity, proof of financial support, two passport photographs, and a confirmed itinerary, as well as the necessary completed forms and documentation regarding your employment or business purpose. 

Business visas for San Salvador are normally issued within 24 hours, but processing can take up to three weeks if authorization from the Immigration Department in El Salvador is required. 

Expats should check with their local embassies to see what documents are required to work in San Salvador.

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Updated on: July 30, 2015
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