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Working in Sudan

Find out how to get a job and work in Sudan

Are you looking for job opportunities in Sudan? Typical work in this African country is found in in fields related to Humanitarian activities, social work or within the oil industry. You can read up about its economy, work permits and job hunting in our guide.

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Employment in Sudan

Economic Overview

Agriculture and mining of resources have long been a fundamental source of employment in Sudan, with oil production in South Sudan making a substantial contribution to the country’s economy up until its secession in 2010.

Despite this, Sudan has to date maintained a nominal GDP of 70 billion USD, with agriculture contributing 27% of the country’s GDP. The Merowe Dam, north of the capital of Khartoum on the Nile River, provides Sudan with another source of revenue via the production of electricity.

With Sudan’s proximity to areas of conflict, the economy has suffered the effects of corruption, and although Sudan’s economic forecast remains uncertain, the government of Sudan has worked hard with institutions such as the International Monetary Fund to implement measures to stabilize their economy and create a sustainable future for the country.

At present, almost one fifth of Sudan’s population are living below the international poverty line and the country has a Global Hunger Index score of 27.0, meaning the country has a significant hunger problem and has been named the fifth hungriest nation in the world.

Work Permits for Sudan

Sudan’s Ministry of Labor is responsible for the issue of any visas allowing entrants to the country in order to take up work in Sudan. 

Work permits for Sudan attract an annual fee of 100 SDG (17 USD) and are only issued for entrants to the country that have sponsors for their stay (see details of possible sponsors outlined in our article on Moving to Sudan). 

Applications for work visas will require supporting documents, including a contract of employment that has been attested by the Labor Department.

There are a number of visa variations dependent on the nature of the work visa applicants will be undertaking and full guidance can be found via the Sudanese Ministry of Internal Affairs or with the Sudanese Embassy in your current country of residence.

Job Hunting in Sudan

There is a large expat community in the capital city of Khartoum, which is home to many British and American expats, as well as a large Egyptian expat community. The majority of expats living in Sudan arrived to work in either the rich oil industry or entered the country to undertake humanitarian work.

There is no benefits system operational in Sudan and, as a result, any persons wishing to relocate to Sudan are advised to seek and secure employment before entering the country on a limited term visa.

Job sites that offer Sudanese job searches include Sudanjob.net and Learn 4 Good, where you will find a variety of professional roles including medical and teaching positions. Additionally, some common job search engines that cover international recruitment also list opportunities for working in Sudan, such as CareerJet and Indeed.

There are also several humanitarian agencies providing work in Sudan for non-nationals, such as the United Nations (UN) and various embassies.

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Updated on: May 13, 2015
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