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Living in Tel Aviv

A comprehensive guide about living well in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is one of the most vibrant cities on the Mediterranean coast, with a lively international reputation: expats considering life in Tel Aviv will be impressed with this cultural hot-spot, a destination growing in size and stature at home and abroad. Read on to find out more about transportation, healthcare and more!

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Life in Tel Aviv

Culture and Leisure in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is certainly a hotbed of activity for people who want dynamic and unforgettable entertainment when they travel. Known as ‘the city that never sleeps’, it is the fifth most-visited in the Middle East, and its burgeoning nightlife is guaranteed to appeal to any one of the 2.5 million international visitors the city receives each year.

Home to the Banshees Dance Company and Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, it also boasts several museums, including the Helena Rubinstein Pavilion and Tel Aviv Museum of Art. Tel Aviv has three football clubs in the Israeli Premier League, and counts the world-renowned Maccabi Tel Aviv basketball team among its sporting achievements. The city is also known for embracing the LBGT community, and hosts a pride parade that attracts over 100,000 people each year.

Transportation in Tel Aviv

The most common form of transportation in Tel Aviv is by bus, with more than eight companies operating out of Tel Aviv Central Bus Station. Among the largest bus stations in the world, it is located in the south of the city, close to the Ayalon Highway. Ayalon is also known as Highway 20, and leads into Tel Aviv alongside the Ayalon River.

Once in the city, expats living in Tel Aviv can expect a comprehensive network of private and share taxis running in tandem with buses, plus an extensive and inexpensive railway service. Public transport costs are relatively low, with international student discounts available on intercity bus routes.

Healthcare in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is subject to the National Health Insurance Law, which ensures universal healthcare for all Israeli citizens. All Israeli residents, including expats, have the right to register with a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) of their choice. There are four HMOs to choose from, which can be swapped at any time and supplemented with private health insurance plans according to individual needs and wishes.

Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Centre, known to locals as Ichilov Hospital, is one of the three largest medical complexes in Israel and is comprised of three major hospitals, including maternity and rehabilitation centers. It is often a popular destination for international travelers looking to undergo specialist treatments without prohibitive costs.

The Dead Sea, just a few hours from the city, is also a popular place where expatriates living in Tel Aviv can explore the benefits of natural healing, as it is known to ease the symptoms of many skin and muscle conditions thanks to its warm temperature and high mineral content.

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Updated on: May 05, 2020
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