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InterNations Volunteer Program-Consul for GBG (Gothenburg)

Become a Volunteer Group Consul
You would like to manage a Volunteer Group and organize Activities? Please send us an email. You will then receive a link to the Consul application form. Protected content

Together we can make a difference!
InterNations believes that global change starts with every one of us helping out in our communities.

The InterNations Volunteer Program is a worldwide initiative that involves several thousand InterNations members, who donate their time and talents to people in need.

With the Volunteer Program, InterNations mobilizes its members around the world to take part in monthly volunteering Activities. All InterNations members have the possibility to get involved and do something good for the disadvantaged people in their community.

InterNations strives to establish one Volunteer Group in each InterNations Community and thus have a positive, worldwide impact on society.

The InterNations Volunteer Program was established in Protected content already has over 4,000 participants. We are active in 15 cities around the world and support more than 1,000 people in need! (As of the end of Protected content

Helping hands – Food for the elderly

Group activity – A picnic with refugees

Knowledge transfer – Handicrafting with refugee children
How It Works

The approach of the program is to provide regular and sustainable support for local non-profit organizations. Each Volunteer Group organizes at least one Activity per month and has its own Group page on the InterNations website. It supports one local organization for at least one year, in order to establish a stable and trusting relationship. Up to three Volunteer Group Consuls manage the Group and organize the Activities. If you would like to know how we choose our partner organizations, please have a look at our selection criteria here.

How We Help

There are different types of Activities: Fundraising, Goods Donation, Knowledge Transfer, Helping Hands, Group Activities and One-on-One. Each month a different Activity takes place. The Activity Calendar enables our partner organizations to plan ahead and to count on our support. Each Activity provides help using a different approach.

InterNations Volunteer Program

How To Get Involved

Become a volunteer
You would like to make a difference? Join the Volunteer Group in your Local Community, sign up for one of the upcoming Activities or ask your Group Consul how you can help. Sign-up policy: We count on you if you sign up for an Activity. Please understand that you need to cancel your attendance 24 hours in advance if you cannot attend.

Suggest an organization
You know a trustworthy organization, which supports underprivileged people in your local community and needs support? InterNations launches new Volunteer Groups three times a year. We are looking forward to receiving your suggestion. Please send us an email. You will then receive a link to the proposal form.

YOU can make a difference! Join our program; we look forward to your participation!

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