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woman shared her perception about me and her long time experience with me as below
Dear Rajesh ji,
To apprise you , based on whatever interactions and connect i have with you so far.
1.You value people and their abilities.
2. You are enterprising and want to try new approaches in your work.
3. You do not compromise on quality of work and look for excellence.
4. You are extremely nice and helpful and i remember you took the trouble of picking from the metro station 1st time when we met.When i had to come to manesar you made sure of due arrangements which very few people would do.
5. You do not hesitate to appreciate good work and are a great motivator.
6. You exhibit absolute clarity in your communication and give clear set of instructions.
7. You are not an introvert and try to maintain connect with people for time.
8. You are very responsive and always respond to messages and mails..
9. You are a big man but modest enough not to sound one.
10. You respect women and i have seen some great messages on womanhood from you.
11. You are a contributor and genuinely want to contribute to the society at large.
12. Hard working and very sincere to your work..
13. Well informed and well connected..
14. System oriented
Hope this helps you in your journey of self introspection.

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