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Announcing: "running dinner" on 14 March 2009 (Hamburg)

What is a running dinner?

A running dinner is an event in which you have appetizers in one pre-determined place, entrées somewhere else, dessert in another place, and a party after the meal. Protected content

The cool thing about it is that you never quite know whom you’re going to run into during the course of the evening.

The objective of a running dinner is to meet a lot of people during a three-course meal in three different locations (private flats) with different dining companions at each place. One of the courses will be served in your flat. The best part of the night is that after finishing dessert all participants meet up for a big party at a special location.

That sounds like a lot of fun, what shall I do to be part of the running dinner?

Everybody prepares a course together with a partner. You will you receive the contact details of the person and the course you are about to prepare (appetizer, entrée or dessert) about ten days before the running dinner. Then you will discuss with your partner what kind of food you would like to cook.

On the day of the running dinner (late afternoon) you both get together to prepare you dish.

Then, the running dinner starts. You are provided with a schedule and the four different locations (starter, entrée, dessert and party) where you will meet different people. You always get together in a group of six people at each course. Each course will be served in a different flat. You will most likely use cabs to get from one flat to another. The running dinner starts at 18.00 on Saturday 14th of March Protected content .

If you like to participate, just send an email to me, Christian Rauda ( Protected content ), containing

- your name
- your address, if you can host 6 people for a course (if there are too many registrations, people who can host a course will be preferred)
- your email address
- your mobile number

I will prepare the schedule for the evening. Please note that we count on you if you register. As one person bailing out will have a “domino effect” on the overall plan, please only register if you are sure to take part in the event.

I am looking forward to our running dinner


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