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Babysitter: medical student with experience (Hamburg)

Good day, dear parents,

My name is Jana and I'm 26 years old. I am studying medicine in the 6th Semester with a career goal to be a pediatrician. When I was 18 years old, I graduated at the German child protection agency with babysitter training and have since been working as a babysitter. During my school days I was volunteering in the charity for disability support. After I graduated in school I went to India in a home for children and handicapped women. I worked and lived there with the residents for four month. Therefore I am also capable to look after children with a handicap.
Furthermore, I have a working knowledge of German Sign Language.

After my visit to India, I studied three semesters Social Work at the University of Duisburg-Essen and worked within the framework of a science student at a comprehensive school in the area of conflict resolution and outdoor education.

Even before medical school and also during the holidays I have regularly worked in the hospital, including the children's ward and in the emergency room, so I also bring along a lot expertise in health care.

In the first four semesters of my studies (until preliminary), I studied medicine in Szeged (Hungary). There I managed the care of children of a teacher and some not related children to the teacher’s family. The children belonged to different age groups. As one part of the care I taught them, by the request of the parents, the German language. I also speak English fluently. I have experience in taking care of children from infant age onwards.

I own a car and therefore I am flexible. If you have pets, I’m willingly to look after them, too. I would be pleased to meet you and your children and to be working for you.

Jana Gerling

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