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Do I have the proper insurance??? (Hamburg)

Dear all
I have lived in Germany for 17 years and as an Independent Insurance Broker, who looks solely after Ex Pats in Germany, it is evident that there is a general lack of understanding of how the insurance system works here in this country.
I want to set a few records straight to help all of you understand what insurances are good, recommended and indeed necessary to have here in Germany. I will answer any questions you have on matters of insurance and pensions over the next few months.
I am therefore going to hold a number of small meetings or seminars for people who would like to find out more information about the insurances they already have (or don’t have), where money can be potentially saved and what insurances are indeed wise to look in to.
I am going to start with information about pensions in Germany. Who is eligible for what type of pension, how these work and what advantages you can hope to gain. I will also demonstrate what the potential disadvantages are, what not to do and how to understand the whole process.
This seminar is completely free for all attendees, and to start with I am going to limit the number of applicants to ten people per Seminar. If there is popular demand for these get-togethers, I will of course hold further seminars on this topic.
Nobody's personal situation should be or will be discussed openly in front of everybody else......that's something we can do in individual meetings if the necessity arises.
The time frame for the first seminar:- Second week of February (between the 10th and the 14th Feb Protected content
If you are interested, just send me a personal message and which evening you can make in that week, and I will try and accommodate everyone. (I will hold one every evening if need be)
Location:- TBD
I hope to meet up with many of you very soon

All the very best

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