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Experience so far: German Motorcycle License (Hamburg)

Hi Folks,

I know there is an older thread on this topic but as I'm discovering, this process is a lot trickier than one might think. I will try to cover all my experiences in this regard and keep updating with new developments. I hope it helps other Expats in Hamburg and that I can get some info from folks here who might have already gone through this. I apologize in advance for the text wall.

Intention - I am looking to get a new German Motorcycle license. I am not planning to convert my existing one since its an Indian license, and they aren't easily recognized here. I have been riding motorcycles for almost a decade now and am planning a cross Europe ride early next year.

Update Protected content to my local driving school, the Fahrschule at Feldstraße in St. Pauli. The lady at the counter told me to go to the LBV ( Protected content ) at Ausschläger Weg and get a list of requirements from them for my test.

Update Protected content the morning off work to trek out to the LBV. Their website had no English version and Google Translate isn't largely helpful. Ironically, you can't get to the LBV from the Hammerbrook station without a car. Google maps couldn't find me a bus so it was a 20 minute walk. After getting there and standing in line for 15 minutes, I entered the Information counter. Only to find that the lady there does not speak any English. Not a word. I left and went to work.

Update Protected content InterNations and found the old thread regarding the license and took note of all the documents needed. Since I can't confirm it with the LBV due to the language barrier, I went back to the driving school. This took a couple of trips because it seems that only 1 person there speaks English too. This gentleman (Claudio if I remember correctly) corroborated most of the information, however told me that I need to prove that I have lived in Germany for Protected content before I can apply.

Update Protected content was told by a friend who recently relocated to the UK and completed his entire testing process in the time it has taken to gather this info, that I only need to prove that I WILL be in Germany for at least Protected content in order to apply. I currently have no way of confirming or denying either of these bits of information.

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