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Japanese TV need a German Family in Hamburg

Hi guys,

Hope you migh help me in this crazy thing I\'ve been asked to do.

Subject titel of the TV program: 24 hours travel throughout Europe and learning the \"special tradiotional/typical dishes\" of each country

A JapaneseTV program is looking for a German Family (Mother +kid(s)) for a Cooking session.
The reporter(young girl) with its TV crew will visit the Family on 8th April to learn a typical dish of Germany/Hamburg i.e. request of a homemade\"Kartoffelsalat\".

In adittion I am looking for a Butcher(Metzkerei) (traditional shop in Hamburg) who is prepared to get a TV crew in its shop. We need it to film the \"buying scene of the reporter in the Butcher i.e. Sausages to be used in the cooking session.

So ladies and gentlemen from Hamburg. I need your coorpration to find out:
1) Family; Mother who is prepared to cook a Kartoffelsalad and some special dish (easy). I definely need somebody with a kid or kids.

2) Butcher; who would be prepared to have some TV crews for couple of hours to film a buying scene.

Thank you in advance for all of you. It is a pretty crazy thing, but could be fun. The only thing is that I need to get till monday the 31.03.08

Junji Ohta

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