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Kony 2012 - Hamburg - Make a difference!


A revolution is taking place, be part of it!


First of all, check the following video:

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It's a long video but it will be worth your while!!!

After seeing this video, we got inspired to do something. As the video says around the 25 min mark we will take actions into our own hands.

"On the night of 20th of april we will meet at sundown. We will blink at every street in every city till the sun comes up. We will be smart and thorough. The rest of the world will go to bed friday night and wake up to hundreds of thousands of posters demanding justice on every corner of every street!"

Help us during this night mission as we will change the future together.

More information on the posters, meeting spots and times will follow on this page so join the army of peace:

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If you have any idea how to get a lot of posters or stickers please don't hesitate to let us know on this page. Any idea is welcome!

Check also:

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Share and SPREAD the word!

Hope to see you guys the 20th of April!

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