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Sharing Experience bilingual kindergarden & school (Hamburg)

Dear all,

I have been checking through all topics related to creches, kindergardens and schools and everybody seems to be highly interested in benefiting from the experience of parents who ran through the process of selecting a kindergarden and/or school. The responses to these topics were not really overwhelming. Having two small children myself, I would like to contribute on a more structured level and have prepared a questionnaire. This questionnaire will be sent out to all crèches, kindergardens and schools in Hamburg offering an English concept. There are 43 kindergardens/crèches in Hamburg with an English native speaker, 5 primary schools and 11 secondary schools offering an English concept which is interisting for Expat families. I hope that the people in charge will distribute it to parents with Expat background.

I would like to encourage all parents reading this topic to participate! Anybody doing so will receive the results free of charge. If you have your child in kindergarden, next you may be interested in primary schools than in secondary schools - hence I believe everybody taking part will benefit!

It is important for me that you understand that we ourselves are not interested in any contact detail! If such is given, we will keep them confidential and will not provide them to anybody unless specifically agreed by you! We will also not use them to get in contact with you ourselves!

Anything else in in the questionnaires...please download from our website (cannot attach here - sorry).

Hope that a lot of people will participate!
Kind regards
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