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Tag Rugby Anyone?? (Hamburg)

Hi All,
I've set up a new activity group, for Tag Rugby... Probably should have sent out a general message to see if anyone was interested before I did though... It's a pretty simple game to explain, based on regular rugby except no contact tackling involved... It's quite similar to Flag Football if I'm not mistaken. Basically players wear shorts which have two tags/flags which are just cloth strips, attached by the shorts with Velcro. Tackling is done by basically pulling off the tag/flag from the person who is in possession of the ball... The ball is only allowed to be passed backwards, and the objective is to run forward to the opposition end line and touch the ball down in the scoring area. 6 tackles results in a turnover, so the ball is gien to the opposition team. No previous experience of rugby is necessary, and there are plenty of links on You tube showing how the game is played. It's played back home as a mixed sport (both guys and girls) , so I was hoping to get a weekly game going here in Hamburg on Tuesdays or Thursdays or even at the weekends, in a location to suits everyone whose interested. So if you're interested, drop me a line or join up to the activity group, we need about 14 players minimum (7 a-side) everyone of all fitness levels welcome... :-)

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