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U. S. wanting to move to Hamburg, Germany

Hello to all,

My name is Josh and I have a few questions about moving from the U.S. to Germany and maybe have some of you offer some personal tips.

My wife and I have been discussing our future and the future of our children. We have been researching at great length for what EU country we would like to move to. As we would like to finish our education it seems to be the most welcoming of U.S. expats. We are also under the assumption that Germany is quite tolerant of all lifestyles and those that have do not believe in any religion.

Another thought of reason for us is that we understand that, unlike the U.S., the treating of women is much more equal and less misogynistic. We both understand that we will never find a Utopia, but we are willing to find another home for ourselves. We believe that Germany would give our children the life and opportunity that we would like for them to have.

All that being said, how much would one recommend that we save before trying to move and what are some great first steps and tips to begin the process.

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