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UK State Pension (Hamburg)

I am an ex-pat living in Hamburg and do not intend to return to the UK. Obviously the recent Brexit vote throws up some issues. I consider myself to be an EU citizen, but this status is now in jeopardy. If - and that's the question - if I cannot obtain dual UK/German citizenship, I am considering opting for German citizenship only to retain my EU status. I have already passed the requisite language and citizenship exams, am married to a German citizen, and have the required number of years residency. The question is, would I, as a German citizen, still be able to claim the state pension I already qualify for? (The entitlement has been confirmed by the pensions office). I asked the pensions office this question in writing, in very clear terms. The answer I received was completely useless, and did not answer the question. Does anybody know, or have any experience of this situation?

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