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Workshop: Going Deeper: A Day for Self and Shared (Hamburg)

Happiness is living a life of our own conscious choosing, a life in which we are able to safely and joyfully express our individuality and our soul’s deepest longings in the world around us. Yet, while the realization that this freedom to be is the necessary precondition for a fulfilling life is becoming increasingly widespread as a concept and theory in modern society, often we can still be left wondering how to really embody and live true to this principle in our own life on a day-to-day basis. Doing this may be something that our family, culture and society never taught us, or indeed even discussed – in fact, they may have actually burdened us instead with debilitating expectations about how and who we should be.

How, then, to move through life as our own person, living in a way that honours what is most important to us?

The Workshop

This innovative day-long workshop will create a space in which a combination of wisdom and experiential learning will be introduced to help address this specific question. What is thus being offered is an opportunity for each participant to go deeper into discovering, processing and releasing – through the mediums of artwork, dance, guided meditation, and talking and listening with partners – whatever it is in them that holds them back from living true to who they really are and want to be. As part of this, participants will learn techniques and wisdom that they can take away and use in their own life on a regular basis as well.

Logistical details:
◦The workshop will be facilitated in English, with translation into French, German and/or Spanish available if needed.
◦The workshop will take place on Saturday 23 March Protected content , from 10am to 7pm.
◦ The venue will be the LoftStation, Baderanstalt, Hammer Steindamm 62, Protected content .
◦The cost of participation is €85 (inkl. Mwst.) per person – with lunch, light refreshments and snacks being provided.
◦ The participation fee is payable in advance, with the possibility of a discount depending on your current financial circumstances.

To reserve your place, please contact Karin Eglinton:
Phone: Protected content
E-mail: Protected content

About the Facilitators
The three facilitators for this workshop will be:

Dr. James Powell
James first became interested in energy work during his time as a postgraduate student at the University of Oxford. Alongside his doctoral studies, James also trained extensively as a shamanic practitioner, worked with different shamans in various locations around the world, and explored and tried a wide variety of other energetic healing modalities. What he learnt in this process of discovery has since helped him to deal with many emotional, health and relational challenges, and also to guide and support others with their own issues. Since Protected content , he has been working in private practice as a Shamanic Counsellor, assisting people from all walks of life in Germany, Switzerland and the UK, as well as in different locations around the world over the phone.

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Nathalie L. Brochard
The world of energy has fascinated Nathalie ever since her childhood years in France. She first obtained her 1st and 2nd level certification in Reiki Usui some years ago, before she discovered, initially through one of her soul sisters, the power of shamanic healing methods – which she realized suited her better as a way of working with energy. Nathalie has over the years received several different kinds of spiritual initiation (Violet Flame, Reiki MaHeo’o, Unicorn, Abundantia, etc.) that she now openly offers to pass on to anybody who wishes to receive them. She is also a clairvoyant.

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Karin Eglinton
Karin is a practicing artist and art educator. She firmly believes in the healing, transformative power of art. Parallel to her creative explorations, her spiritual journey began early on and has been informed by many streams. In Protected content found the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path, a shamanic tradition that brings together ancient knowledge from the original peoples of North, Central and South America. She became an apprentice to this, her “path with heart”, shortly thereafter, and has pursued her studies intensively since then. In Protected content began leading and facilitating workshops, classes and ceremonies within this tradition.

Karin weaves these two passions – art and spirituality – in her work guiding groups and individuals to engage with the process of creation as a gateway to access inner wisdom, connect with archetypal energies, redefine their personal stories and mythologies and find balance.

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