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Can English language get me around in Hannover?

Dear Members, I'd be moving to Hannover in November. However, i can't speak German. is English a popular language among Hanoverians? My experience of living and working in Italy for over 7 months as a hotel employee and freelance journalist is that there is no space. Most of the people i met here hardly understand any English or are simply unwilling to say a word. My job has been greatly hindered by the language barrier, not to say the stress in trying to integrate, especially while in the south and being black.

Finally, i'm just tired and really tempted to try a new experience in a new community. Hannover is the place. So i want to know if English is sufficient to be able to meet new people and integrate. I'm interested in the German language though. in fact i've already got this app in my phone helping with the basics and pronunciations. Please share your ideas. thanks

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