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Tennis Grand Slam Summer Fever - Be apart of it? (Helsinki)


The French Open was just played and won by "The Other Swiss Maestro", Stan Wawrinka. In a few weeks, Wimbledon will start, with grass, strawberries, and cream, and if you like, add some champagne! At the end of Summer, the US Open will be played, with a bit of "Rock'n'Roll" tennis in New York, New York!

With this in mind, are you interested in participating in a "Beginners Bootcamp" for 2 hours in the morning or evening over 3 days, at one of the main tennis centres in Helsinki?

If you are, contact me?

On the other hand, I’m sure that you already enjoy watching and/or playing tennis, but whenever you are looking to:
- improve your technique and understanding of the game;
- have more interesting, and challenging rallies with your friends or family;
- have more speed and spin on your groundstrokes or serves,
- have better chances in winning those competition matches,
- have more opportunities to meet new people and make new friends, locally, and internationally, or
- have better balance and control with your mind, body, and movement,

would you consider contacting me next time?

Consider what Marianne Ahlbom, a 73 year old woman, who I teach tennis to, wrote:
Title: "About inspiration and surprising yourself in training."

"After half a year coaching me in tennis (then 72 years old), my coach started introducing head standing to me, as a way to enhance balance and body control. My first reaction was, "No way can I do acrobatic tricks like that without breaking my neck." But he had lit a spark and challenge.
In the beginning of September Protected content , I started out at home. I realised I didn't have the strength in my arms to start from the floor level. So I facilitated it by starting from bed height, close to the wall, pushing off with my feet and banging them to the wall for support. The first week I proceeded from a few seconds to 1 minute, standing up right. The next 3 weeks, managed up till 3 minutes.
Then came the next level: freeing my feet from the wall and standing without (wall) support, at first half a minute! During the next 2 months, I came up to 3 minutes.
In the beginning of January Protected content , I managed for the first time to start from the floor level (3 minutes), and right now in May, at most 5 mins. Some days have been setbacks, doing poorly, but I haven't stopped trying!
From February Protected content , I also started to do handstanding, "walking" with feet up a door, staying at an angle of about 45°. First with a few seconds, lately at most a little more than 1 minute. Much harder for the arms!
On top of that, I'm often biking to the tennis hall (50mins), and swimming in a pool Protected content each time!). However, I'm exercising at home with rubber resistance bands to strengthen the shoulders and arms. I'm also doing various other exercises for legs and body to enhance my fitness for tennis.
So, learning from this, don't let age keep you from at least trying. You might surprise yourself, which I did thanks to my inspiring coach."

Marianne has inspired me to be a better coach! How can you inspire me?

Why don't you go in the meantime to Protected content , which will take you to a Facebook page, while I prepare my website, to learn more about Marianne's story with photos from our outdoors lesson in Matinkylä ?

I hope you have a great summer ahead! I hope to see you an a tennis somewhere! :)
Best wishes,

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