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Introduce Book : WHY THE VIETNAMESE MARKET (Ho Chi Minh City)

When foreigners try to understand Vietnam, if they try to understand with 'numbers' and 'data', they will never understand Vietnam. Not only Vietnam but also East Asian cultures are generally similar.

Among Koreans working in Vietnam, this book is highly regarded as being very helpful in understanding Vietnam.

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Where the Eyes of Global Capitalists and Investors Are focused
The General trend of the Vietnamese market begins to rise from Protected content !

Everything about Investing and Doing Business in Vietnam as told by the head of a Business Operation with 10-year experience of doing business in Vietnam

This book has a lively and realistic guide and analysis of the Vietnamese market given by the head of a local Vietnamese subsidiary for 10 years. He lives in Vietnam and analyzes the Vietnamese market through the eyes of an insider. It contains things you really need to know when you are interested in, want to invest in, or want to do business in Vietnam. Furthermore, it contains the hidden crisis and opportunity factors amid the changes in the situation of not only Vietnam, but also the international situation in Southeast Asia and neighboring countries, as well as the war for supremacy between the US and China and the situation around the Mekong River, which is emerging as a new gunpowder in Southeast Asia.

The Japan is geographically close to Koreans but psychologically far away, Vietnam is a country that is not far away but mentally close to the Korean people. Vietnam is Korea's fourth largest trading country and the origin place of Korean Wave in Southeast Asia. As of Protected content , there are 7,500 Korean companies and 200,000 Koreans reside. There are also 150,000 Vietnamese living in Korea. Vietnam is geographically located in Southeast Asia, but it should be classified as a Northeast Asian country along with Korea, China, and Japan. Because Vietnam is the same Confucian culture area, and Buddhism is Mahayana Buddhism, unlike other Southeast Asian countries.

Vietnam has already attracted attention as a hot market since the Protected content . Throughout the past decade, Vietnam has been reported as a market for gold eggs, called Post China. However, until now, the Vietnamese consumption market has not been as big as expected. Why has success continued to be postponed and sluggish in Vietnam, a land of opportunity and a young population of 1 billion? And then, can Vietnam really become a land of opportunity in the future? The author of this book affirms, "From Protected content , the growth of the Vietnamese market will begin." It is said that the rise of the trend in Vietnam is from now on.

Although the global economy is struggling with the COVID-19, Vietnam has emerged as the most popular investment destination with a GDP growth of 2.92% in Protected content . There are only a few countries in the world that have grown positively in Protected content , and many people are wondering about Vietnam's growth in the horror of Protected content . The Vietnamese government handles corona prevention in a transparent and swift manner, and has successfully prevented the coronavirus. So, in this corona pendemic era, Vietnam is emerging as an investment destination to replace China.

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