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English teacher/ Language partner (long term) want (Hong Kong)

Hi. I'm currently looking for a English teacher/ Language partner (long term)to correct my spelling and other grammar mistakes in my writing. I've never been to University and I didn't get much opportunity to put myself into English speaking environment...Argh to be honest I was just being a absolute lazy bum for the past few...maybe more than 10 years.
I've asked none of my friends for help as It was kinda embarrassing when all of your friends are achieving their life goals but me just hanging around at the same place that we used to stay with. I've also tried to attend some open courses but as a super slow learner, things just didn't work.

It would be much appreciated if you drop me a pm.

Here are what I need.
1. Correct my dairy's grammar and spelling though email/phone chat/face to face.
(twice a week I think?)
2. Responsible and patient as I'm a super slow learner

Here are what I have
1. I'm a Native Cantonese speaker for sure.
2. My Mandarin: I loved to watch China CCTV when I was little so my Mandarin is nearly prefect but I have zero knowledge of PinYin.
3. My English speaking (Chit chat level) is OK if you wouldn't mind I would love to be your speaking partner.
4. Learning German - Ich bin Anna level.

Thanks again!

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