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Hong Kong Working Visa Application

I have received an offer of employment from a Hong Kong company and they have submitted/sponsored the working visa application to the immigration department.

After a few weeks the immigration department has request further information from the sponsor company.

I am now a little concerned that my working visa application may be rejected. Can anyone offer any advice or further information?


I am a 29 year old English male who has recently completed a Master degree in Civil and Structural Engineering (1st Hons). As part of my degree I spent a year in Hong Kong on a study abroad year. I have three years summer training experience working as a trainee engineer for a UK company. I also am a fully qualified electrician (UK) and have gained 8 years experience working on construction sites both in the UK and Australia. I cannot speak Cantonese or Putonghau, although the company employing me will provide language lessons.

The sponsor company is a multinational company with offices in Hong Kong and the UK, with a work force of local and international employees.

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