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Looking for a Shared Flat or A Place for Rent ... (Hong Kong)

Dear My InterNation Friends,

Warm Greetings! I am Carmen Hallaråker (Chinese-Norwegian), a Senior Lecturer & a Course Coordinator for a local design school ( Protected content - Visual Communication Design), who is desperately looking for a place to live together with a 3 years-old Golden Retriever, names "Nuttie".

My current rental lease will be ended in October (this flat just sold to another new landlord, who wants this flat for herself, therefore no more rental contract). Due to the current competitive education business and personally saving money for Nuttie's health issuance for the future, I am looking for a decent place to live for a rental cost around HKD$ Protected content less. I need to get my head down to solve these problems - lower cost for rent and money saving for Nuttie. I am an optimistic lady and a very tidy & clean person, and have perfect record in paying rent on time.

I will be on cloud nine if anyone of you can help.

Thank you in advance for your kind assistance.


Carmen Hallaraker
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