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Suggestions for HK districts (Hong Kong)

Hello everyone,

I'm planning to move from Shanghai to Hong Kong in the next while. I am currently living between Jing'an and zhongshan park districts near suzhou creek in Shanghai.
I like that it's an unknown area, traditional, up and coming, close to the centre, and quieter. I'm still a Protected content taxi ride from the bars and the happening area's but I'm ok with that. My apartment compound is beautiful with lots of greenery, quiet, western furnishings, spacious, and with a gym downstairs....

I'm looking for something similar in HK: quiet, close to the city centre, lots of greenery, beautiful compound, western furnishings, proper kitchen and living room, shared, and well-priced. I guess something like Lantau but perhaps closer?

Are there any islands, areas in HK island, areas in kowloon, I should focus on?

Thanks soo much!


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