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Social Event on 26th June 2014 @ Jamie's Italian!! (Istanbul)

Q 1 of 6. What are you hoping to gain on Thursday 26th June ?
Sharing a lovely evening with great people.

Q 2 of 6. Do you plan on having food when you arrive?
Yes! (But still haven’t booked yet!)

Q 3 of 6. Person you would most like to meet?
Business owners or other related professionals who possibly work in textiles, or cosmetics. Entrepreneurs who think on the basis of a global mind.

Q 4 of 6. Person you would least like to meet?
Someone insisting on talking about past difficult relationships (There is a time and place).

Q 5 of 6. Do you live in Istanbul?
No! London, England.

Q 6 of 6. Any last words?
I would love to know what others think about these same questions I’ve just answered!! However, from me, that's all and thank you for listening : ),

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