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40,000 jobs for native English speakers as teacher (Izmir)

40,000 jobs for native English speakers as teachers in Turkey

The Turkish Ministry of Education has enacted a real revolution after 75 years of ignorance and has decided to teach proper spoken English.

This is from the May 15 issue of Today’s Zaman: “The Ministry of Education recently decided that it would import 40,000 native English-speaking teachers to work with teachers in English language classes across Turkey starting from the next academic year. The project will last for four years and aims to improve English language education in the country. The classes are set to be held on weekends and over summer vacation. Both native English-speaking teachers and Turkish teachers of English will be present in the classroom.”

What does this have to do with Legal Corner?

I believe that the state is now interested in teaching proper English. These 40,000 future teachers will probably be citizens of other states as it would be difficult to find 40,000 native speakers who are also Turkish citizens and who would want to work as English teachers in the schools of the Turkish Ministry of Education. Since this is an official job offered to these teachers, the government will either use one of the mechanisms that is already in use for foreigners working for government projects or launch a temporary and new regulation that allows them to skip the work permit matter or provide these employees with easy access to work permits. In any case, these teachers will have some sort of work permit. The point I want to come to is that when the government is intending to put pressure on an industry and regulate it, the regulation starts with self-regulation first. Once everything is in order, it can start to put pressure on private entities to become legal and registered. This new attempt by the Ministry of Education in some way is an indication that foreign teachers working for language schools in Turkey will be regulated. I would recommend that those who work illegally take this opportunity to start applying pressure on their employees to become legal and obtain work permits to avoid complications.

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