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Hi all! (Jamaica)

My name is Balázs and I'm a 25y old hungarian guy who is really interested in how life goes in Jamaica or anywhere in the Caribbeans/Middle-South America :) in a few month im finishing my master studies from economics and i've figured out i'd like to try out myself there in this part of the world 'cause i havent been there before and im pretty open-minded in new adventures and get to know new dudes and cultures worldwide! Apart from HUN I used to live in Warsaw, Poland so i have some international experiences even though I gotta admit because of the small distance it wasnt a huge cultural shock but at least showed me there are so many more great places and people in our Planet so i must definitely discover as much as possible!
Due to i cant afford to just travel (and on the other hand i dont even want it cuz i think the best way to explore a certain spot is to live and work there with the locals) i would like to gain some information about the opportunities in jamaica and nearby: how easy is it to be hired as an european fellow? what are the possibilities of living there? how pretty are the girls on the island? :) etc.
And sure mainly get in touch with cheerful and easygoing mates all over the World!
So if u have a mood to chat a bit or have useful info/ want to know some details of the life here in the centrum of EU. feel free and lets get contacted ;)


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