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Relocating to Medina, Saudi Arabia (Jeddah)

Hi all,

I plan to move in Medina with my family in the next couple of months,

It will be my first time in Saudi Arabia. I am from Greece and have lived for many years in the UK.

Could you please help me with some of the below questions:

- are there any western compounds in Medina?
- are there things to do as an entertainment?
- is life for european mothers easy to move around?
- Can you drive with an eu license and as a woman?
- do i need to wear only black abaya?
- do i need to wear headscarf?
- can you go out by yourself and shop/dine?
- how long does it take for a re-entry/exit visa?

is there something important i need to know before i relocate?

sorry for all my questions.

Thank you very much,

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