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3 day Strategic Sales Programme S6 Guaranteed (Johannesburg)

Unique opportunity!!

A MUST DO FOR Business owners/ Sales Executives/ self employed

Open Training Programme T3m 1, 2 and 3 October Protected content

In October Protected content , T3m will organize a three-day Commercial Excellence training session in Johannesburg (Melrose).

1:You will learn how customers and prospects perceive your service and how you should deal with this.

2:You will be familiarized with all aspects of cold calling; you will get a good understanding of different new concepts that will help you to get a better and more durable relation with your customers.

3:You will be trained in question techniques and conversation structures and how to conclude a meeting. But most of all: you really will be able to sell added value!

Interested? Please send an email to Protected content

You feel that you are in control of your sales process? You are under the impression that your customers really appreciate what you do and they really value it?

But then how is that they still want better prices? Or, if you have served them for years without making any mistake when suddenly you make a small error and the world becomes too small.

Or your prospect gives you the feeling that he/she likes your story but suddenly there is the message that another supplier got the order! How does this happen?

How do you get a grip on the sales process? What do you need to change and learn to become more successful?

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