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Claude Maurin

"After I followed my wife to Johannesburg, InterNations and its expat circles helped me find free-lance work with South African clients. "

Rikke Johansen

"The InterNations community is just so large that you can easily find a like-minded expat sharing professional or personal interests."

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Siya namkela nonke, welkom, isibingelelo and a warm welcome to our expat community in Johannesburg! Here at InterNations, we strive to help you move to a foreign land with as little hassle as possible, allowing you to enjoy your new adventure. So join InterNations today to find everything you need in one place, from the questions you need answered to things to do in the local area. You probably want to get some general information about life in Johannesburg, such as what kind of insurance you should get before relocating. Or you would like to know where the best neighborhood is to hang out with your friends. Before you even get there, InterNations can help provide you with all the tools you need to enjoy Johannesburg and South Africa's international community, from dedicated guide articles to plenty of opportunities to network with fellow expats who've already made the move. Johannesburg is, after all, known as the rhythmic center, or the heart, of South Africa, and you can look forward to a great culture with plenty of history and picturesque landscape. It has also become a popular expat destination in recent years due to its low cost living and abundant employment opportunities.

With InterNations, you never stand alone. Whether you move to another city or go on a business trip somewhere — our communities are there to make you feel at home wherever you are in the world. Feel free to also check out our other vibrant InterNations Communities like the ones in Dubai or Hong Kong.

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What to Expect from Life in Johannesburg

As one of the sunniest cities in the world, the weather is hard to rival, as is the friendliness of the people who live there. Johannesburg's culture and its people are very relaxed and it won't take you long to be invited over for braai — the South African version of a barbecue. The inner city is a vibrant district with a unique character that can easily claim to be the cultural capital of the country, with a number of theaters, arts festivals, and galleries. It was also here that the first gold rush shanty town was established. The name Egoli is given to Johannesburg by locals, meaning "place of gold", and it refers to the gold found below the ground and the wealth above it. Johannesburg is also known to have the best shopping across Africa, and families can enjoy experiencing Johannesburg's outdoors, be it the Botanical Gardens, the Melville Koppies, or the Zoo Lake. Expatriates can get further in touch with nature at the game and nature reserves just outside the city. While it's well known that the crime rates are high in Johannesburg, private security is world-class and many communities are now gated, giving them the lowest crime rates across the city. Serving as a financial and commercial hub, the city contributes to not quite a sixth of South Africa's GDP. The fastest growing industries include finance and telecommunication, but mining and manufacturing also play an essential role in the development of local economy. As the job markets gets more and more competitive, companies in these industries are inclined to hire more experienced professional expat workers than ever before. When it comes to searching for an accommodation, there is a wide variety of accommodation options with comparatively lower prices available in Johannesburg. Whether you choose to share a flat with others in Downtown Johannesburg or prefer to rent a big house with beautiful surrounding scenery in Dainfern or Kyalami areas, accommodation is comparatively affordable in Johannesburg.

InterNations is the largest global network for expatriates, with communities in 390 cities across the globe. Get to know fellow internationals in your city, before you're moving, or when traveling somewhere and never feel like a stranger. InterNations makes it easy for you to stay in touch with your expat friends, both online and offline, so you can grow your network of friends and contacts from all over the world. Whether they live in Singapore or Amsterdam, InterNations allows you to be close to them even if they are miles away.

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All of our members have gone through a careful approval process, ensuring they follow our guiding principles of trust, polite behavior, and friendly "netiquette". This allows all of our expatriates to interact in a safe and secure environment when asking questions online in one of our forums. Whether you are wondering how to obtain a work permit or what the best district to live in in Johannesburg is, or want to find out more about real life events you may be interested in, your fellow expats are happy to answer your questions and help you out. Continuing your hobbies and interests when you move to a foreign country is a great way to connect with other expatriates, and InterNations makes this easy through local groups. From hiking and dancing to professional networking and dinner nights, you will find something that fits your interests. And don't forget, the larger get-together events organized by InterNations are a great way to meet interesting people who share a great deal in common with you.

Claude Maurin

"After I followed my wife to Johannesburg, InterNations and its expat circles helped me find free-lance work with South African clients. "

Rikke Johansen

"The InterNations community is just so large that you can easily find a like-minded expat sharing professional or personal interests."

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