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Looking for advice on moving to Joburg (Johannesburg)

Hi everyone I just officially got a job offer to move to Joburg sometime between Oct and Nove. Does anyone have any insight on flat sharing? I'm curious if that might be an affordable and safe way for a single female to live as opposed to getting my own place. I've also seen a number of rentals that seem to be independent apartments or cottages on family compounds which also seems like a possibility. Does anyone know anything or have any experience with this type of living situation or have opinions on living in your own place instead? I haven't started negotiating for a higher salary, but as of now it is about 344,400 Rand. Is this an acceptable salary to live and work without being constantly stressed over money? Also the organization is in Parktown and I believe might be on Wits University campus--but I'm not sure. Any suggestions for areas to live in? Melville seems like a pretty interesting and great area so I was considering that. Also I've heard that having a car is essential, but being an American I'm not sure how hard the process is to get a license and car, especially since we drive on the other side of the road here. Anyone know if it is possible to live in area and work in Parktown without a car? I know Uber which could be helpful but not an everyday option.

Thanks for all the info and feedback. I'm happy to hear anyone's thoughts and would also love to connect with any female expats in the area now to hear about your experiences.

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