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Moving to Johannesburg

We're in the process of negotiating a relocation package to work J'burg. I would really appreciate if you guys can help us by answering these following questions.

1.) What is the average price to rent month to month, of a safe place to live? Some of you mentioned to live behind 'high walls". Is that the same as gated community in the USA? How much will that be?

2.) Car: I am told that it's cheaper to buy than to rent. Is that true? If so, how much to pay for a vehicle? Is it more advisable to get like SUV/Jeep for rough road traveling?

3.) Elementary school/Community: Is there a community of expats who homeschooled? If not, is it safe to send kids to private/charter schools??? Are there safe and interesting lifestyle for kids range from Protected content ??? Can you name some?

4.) Lastly, about health insurance: What is the best health insurance that you can advise us purchasing? We need the best to cover all area.

We will really appreciate your great efforts in finding answers to these questions.

Thanks again!


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