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Professional Cultural Coaching (Johannesburg)


Hi everyone!

Does anyone know of a company / individual who provides “cultural coaching” to expatriates living in South Africa?

I am in the process of recruiting graduate engineers from India to meet our long term need for resources. These engineers will provide back office support and in some cases be directly involved with projects in the mining and minerals sector. They will all have to spend a certain amount of time working at our office in South Africa in order to gain the necessary skills.

They have never travelled abroad, let alone to a country as culturally diverse as South Africa! Anyone that knows anything about India and Indian culture will know that although equally diverse, the two countries are very different and unique. The transition can be difficult enough and simply daily activities like buying food or using public transport can worsen the situation and ruin the experience.

The idea isthat a trained professional, who also understands the cultural differences of the two countries, will be able to help them integrate and adapt to life in South Africa.


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