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Canadian seeking advice for development jobs (Kampala)

Hi everyone,
I have recently finished my Master's degree in International Studies (focus
on gender, food security and livelihoods) and am in the process of trying
to get a job in development. I am very interested in working in Uganda
and I was hoping to get some advice from those that are currently in the
field. I have over four years experience doing consultancy work for
various nonprofit organizations around East Africa but since completing my
MA I have found it to be very difficult to get back in the field. My next
step is to jump on a plane to Kampala and continue my networking search and
job hunt there- would anyone suggest this is (not) advisable?

I know that if given the opportunity, I will be successful in many roles in
an NGO. Can anyone comment on the job situation in Kampala?

Your advice would be greatly appreciated!

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