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Finance Position (Kampala)

Country Operations Manager (COM)



Brief Description:

The Country Operations Manager (COM) is the Senior Executive Officer responsible for all Operations Department matters, budgets and activities at Bayport Uganda at both the Strategic and Operational levels, under the guidance and directorship of the Managing Director (MD).

The COM is the accumulation point for all Area Manager and Branch related issues in Management and is expected to actively give focus and direction; and to participate in regular management meetings, and represent Bayport Uganda in various fora as directed by the Managing Director.

Direct Reports:

All Area Managers and the Business Data Analyst report directly to the COM.

The role of the COM is to establish, implement, review and ensure implementation of efficient and effective processes, methods and procedures in addition to ensuring compliance with all the operational policies in all Bayport Uganda Branch Operations, while ensuring the overall wellbeing of the Company Assets, Branch Staff, attaining shareholder value and the continued comfort of all stakeholders, at all times ensuring deliverance of all the above within the guidelines of the Bayport Group best practice policies and procedures.

Reporting Structure:

Reports to the Managing Director.

Key Result Areas:
1. In conjunction with the Managing Director, initiate, develop, implement, monitor, report, evaluate and control the Bayport Uganda Operations annual Strategic plan and budget.

2. Develop Operational strategies and plans to achieve effective business growth operations, targeted collections efficiency and Branch staffing levels in line with the Bayport Uganda Strategic plan, budget, activities and objectives.

3. Oversee and manage creativity and innovation at Bayport Uganda with regard to, but not limited to, technological innovations/products, staff recruitment, selection, placement and development; new product development and roll out, and any other strategic interventions to give Bayport Uganda the leading edge in line with the Strategic plan and budget.

4. Develop appropriate reporting, quality control standards and guidelines for the Bayport Uganda Operation in addition to complying with all reporting requirements in line the credit policies and procedures.

5. Set operational performance objectives and targets for all direct reports in line with the Bayport Uganda Strategic plan and carry out regular informal and formal performance evaluations for the key subordinates in line with the Human resources management policies and procedures.

6. Assess regular staff performance in regard to compliance with policies and efficiency of procedures through the Internal Audit function at Bayport Uganda and ensure adequate Audit report responses, Branch staff training, morale and motivation to achieve set objectives.

7. Carry out overall risk and credit analysis to minimize credit risk and exposure to any other risk factors that may adversely affect Bayport Uganda operations and implement mitigating strategies.

8. Develop and nurture mutually beneficial internal and external business relationships to assist and protect Bayport Uganda and to boost the Company Image.

9. Regularly Report and present to the Managing Director, overall business performance and progress on strategy implementation, variances in achieving the business plan and actions to correct performance.

10. Travel extensively throughout Uganda to practically see the opportunities and challenges in the Branch environment and address them efficiently and effectively.

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