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Ẹ n lẹ, hello, ilo la, lafia lau, to all Nigerians in Kiev! Searching for other Nigerians in Kiev? Looking for reliable and useful insider tips from fellow Nigerians for example, where in Kiev can I find a Nigerian restaurant? Or where in Kiev can I find some jolof rice?

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  • Moving to Kiev

    Moving to Ukraine’s capital city means moving to a multicultural hub, with a very diverse population that won’t make expats feel fishes out of water. Discover more about relocating to Kiev in our guide, from the climate to visas for Ukraine, we got you covered!
  • Living in Kiev

    With its historical and cultural heritage, Kiev is a fascinating city to live in. As an expat living in Kiev you will enjoy visiting museum and art galleries, but you might also have concerns about healthcare and education. Our guide on living in Kiev has got you covered.
  • Working in Ukraine

    Ukraine is experiencing a growth in many sectors, including manufacturing and chemicals, offering great prospects to expats who wish to start a new life here. Read our guide for an introduction to Ukraine's economy, taxation, and info on how to best find a job in Ukraine.

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