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General info about Kigali and Rwanda


Hi All

We're a couple that are looking to move to Rwanda for 2 years. We're both have jobs in the private sector and are looking for some general info on living in Kigali, such as:

Accommodation: what are the general neighbourhoods to live in Kigali. We are essentially looking for something like a 2 bedroom apartment, what is the price range for something like this?

Utilities: what is the power and water situation? Are there frequent power cuts that would require a generator?

Car: we'd like to import our current car, are there any restrictions on importing cars?

Traveling: is it safe to travel within the country on our own?

Safety: general safety and security in Kigali

Medical: what's the medical situation (including dental) for expats?

General cost of living: what's the general cost of living compared to the rest of east africa, or Africa in general?

Any info would be appreciated!


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