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Vladimir Rostev

Living in Rwanda, from Russia

"Moving abroad can be very difficult, particularly when it comes to Rwanda. But this supportive and trustworthy community is just so helpful."

Cathleen Sapiro

Living in Rwanda, from USA

"My brother recommended InterNations to me before I moved to Kigali. I can only forward this recommendation to any expat around the globe."

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Our Expat Community in Rwanda Welcomes You!

Muraho, and welcome to InterNations' expat community in Rwanda, where you can find all the information you need before you begin your adventure. It's perfectly natural to have anxieties when considering taking such a big step as relocation, and you might have questions like, “should I move to Kigali or Butare?”, “what is the overall safety of Rwanda?”, or “which vaccinations will I need?”. At InterNations, we link you up with a community of Rwanda expats who will be able to answer questions such as these and any others that may be concerning you, leaving you free to embrace the richness of everything Rwanda has to offer; from tasting the traditional Isombe, to enjoying Rwanda’s strong relationship with performing arts, music, and dance.

We are present not only in Rwanda, but worldwide including numerous countries in Africa – for instance our chapter for Expat Panama. You might also consider to stop by at our Expat Italy community during your next travel.

Our Support for Rwanda Expatriates

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Rwanda Expatriates Network

Find and get to know like-minded expatriates residing in Rwanda, their partners and families.

Rwanda Guide for Expats

Rwanda Expat Guide

Expat Forum Rwanda

Obtain trustworthy advice and local insight from fellow members in our Rwanda expat forums.

Rwanda Expat Forum

Rwanda Events for Expatriates

Meet up with expatriates of diverse backgrounds and nationalities at our regular InterNations Events.

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Embracing Your Expat Life in Rwanda

From the mountain gorillas in Volcanoes National Park, to the spectacular beauty of the Nyungwe Forest, Rwanda has risen from its troubled past to earn the title among travelers of “Land of a Thousand Hills”. The gorgeous landscape and nature reserves draw many an adventurer, however, we find many of our expats are intrigued by Rwanda for the urban development taking place in its major cities, and for the opportunities presented in its thriving cement industry. Whatever your reason for moving there, we’re sure Rwanda will provide the experience of a lifetime.

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Grow Your Network of Like-Minded Expats from All over the World

Our Rwanda expat community can provide help and support for a variety of concerns, from the practical, such as “how do I organize a doctor in Rwanda?”, to less specific questions, such as what to expect from the culture. We have also noticed that, when embarking on a new life abroad, it is vital to our expats that they are offered the opportunity to continue their passions, adopt new hobbies, and develop a social life. That is why we at InterNations provide you with larger social and networking events as well as smaller interest-based groups hosted by other Rwanda expats, giving you a great opportunity to assimilate into your new life as easily as possible. Currently, there are groups running in Kigali offering bowling, karaoke, outdoor adventures, and much more. Our larger events offer an excellent opportunity to meet fascinating, like-minded people from around the world.

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