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Info re Italian student in Japan (Kobe)

Dear members,
The reason I have asked to join the community is not for me personally but to find out some information for an Italian research assistant working for me. She studied comparative linguistics in Italy, specializing in Japanese, especially the works of Shusaku Endo. Her dream is to visit Japan, study the culture first hand, to improve her Japanese and to study Endo's works, there is his literary museum in Nagasaki.

Unfortunately, as with most young people in Italy (and many other European countries ) there is lack of work and subsequently lack of funds for such a project. My foundation would be interested in helping her.

My intentions are to find out the possibilities of a long term stay, say 6 months, to possibly live with a Japanese family and to study the culture. Ideally in or near Nagasaki.
She is unaware of my search as I do not want to disappoint her if it comes to nothing.

I am interested in expats living or have lived in Japan to find out about the possibilities, costs, problems with short term residency etc.

If there is a possibility then we are prepared to offer the possibility.

If you or any others can help I would be much obliged, it will make at least one young lady' s dream come true.

Best wishes


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