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Edmund Taylor

Living in Japan, from USA

"Tokyo has so much to offer and InterNations made it much easier to become acclimated to life in this bustling city."

Marina Salgado

Living in Japan, from Mexico

"In such a huge city, InterNations has created great events for expats to meet in Tokyo."

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Our Community of Expats in Japan Welcomes You!

Konnichiwa, and a warm welcome to our expat communities in Japan! InterNations is a platform designed to help expats all over the world, including Japan. Whether you're about to relocate or you're already here, you can use the wealth of information provided by other expats in Japan to make your experience easier. From Tokyo and Osaka to Yokohama and Nagoya, Japan's most popular expat cities offer exciting prospects for people around the world, but how will you overcome some of the challenges associated with moving to them?

Before you take the plunge, now's a good time to explore InterNations, where experienced members can answer some of your burning queries. These include questions like, "which are the most affordable schools?", "how long will it take to process my visa?", and "how will I adapt to the local cuisine?". With a little reassurance, the InterNations members will soon let you know that there is a plethora of schools available, many companies offering expats jobs also assist with the visa process, and while the cuisine in Japan may vary in terms of taste, it is incredibly healthy.

Next to Japan we host several more communities in Asia & Oceania, e.g., our network of Expat Malaysia. Or you might be interested in our Expat Peru community which is also fairly active.

Our Support for Japan Expatriates

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Learn More about Being an Expat in Japan

With rolling mountains, lush forests, and ancient structures, Japan is undeniably beautiful. Expats living in Japan who have settled into their new country have plenty of opportunities to explore their cultural surroundings, and with the help of InterNations' members you can find out which restaurants, activities, and attractions will best suit your family's needs. While living in Tokyo, pay a visit to The Lounge by Aman for dishes from around the world, or Gen Yamamoto for traditional Japanese cuisine. You'll soon find that there is an abundance of educational establishments available for children, such as the British School in Tokyo, the Horizon Japan International School in Yokohama, or the American School in Minato-ku. With the guidance of the Japan expats at InterNations, you can soon determine which schools meet your cultural and educational needs. As a country that consistently tries to attract more expats, Japan offers plenty of lifestyle benefits, especially for those who work in the construction industry. Many of the major cities have a bustling atmosphere, their public transportation eliminates the need for a car, and the latest electronic goods are available on tap. If you're seeking a modern lifestyle and a strong economy, the life of an expat in Japan is for you.

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InterNations is a thriving international community of carefully approved members who can help you settle into your life in Japan. As there is no substitute for personal experience, you can draw on the knowledge provided by our members to make your life in Japan easier. Whether it is arranging health insurance, finding the right apartment, or seeking out after-school childcare, our expatriates in Japan can arm you with all the knowledge you need prior to your arrival. Aside from answering some of your more serious questions, InterNations is here to enhance your social life. Regular events in Japan's biggest cities include formal InterNations gatherings, flyboarding in Tokyo, coffee meet-ups, and days out at the beach where you can dip your toes in the Pacific Ocean.

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